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The Kolibri week. Youth for youth.

From Saturday, May 26th to Friday, June 1st Sieben Linden hosted the Kolibri week. Young people prepared it for young people. We (The Kolibris and Sonja) hosted nine young people who came here to camp, work, have fun and mostly to experience the life in our eco-village.

We did a lot during this week. Our Kolibri Platz is definitely more beautiful now. We cut down the high grass (and nettles), we upgraded the “Feuerecke” (fire place), we painted the furniture, we made signs with the name Kolibri, we removed the weed from the beds and planted new plants, we created some decorations… We sure were very creative. Malte led most of the work that was going on outside and Elisa cooked delicious meals for us. The rest of us was helping here and there, doing what we are good at and also learning to do new things.

Beside the work, we also had some educational workshops. Aaron took us to a guided tour around the village. Ute presented us the basics of permaculture in the beginning of the week, and Manda shared some of her rich knowledge of wild foods and healing herbs at the end of the week. After lecturing and picking up the herbs, we also made delicious herbal butter and margarine together. Flowers and herbs are useful in many ways. Verena led a workshop in which we made a balm from pure natural ingredients: chamomile, plantago, wax, olive oil and coconut oil. In addition, Verena also prepared two yoga workshops. One  was in willow cupola and the other  in the “Gemeinschaftsraum”. I hope I will have that kind of willow cupola at home, one day.

Participants were very interested in the origins and the development of the ecovillage. Corina, who lives in 7L (Sieben Linden) since the beginning, told us many things: purchase of land, construction of houses with straw, communication and decision making in the community… The ecovillage with 150 inhabitants and with a more than 20 years of history is something special.

The days were hot, it was over 30 degrees Celcius, and that’s why we liked to cool in the pond (der Teich). We also cleaned out all the excess algae, which was quite fun.

Our evenings were diverse and playful. We tried out playfight and impro theater, prepared by Nicoletta. We joined the dance in the circle (Der Ulmentanz), which always happens in the village at full moon. Some also joined the evening in the yurt – singing songs, playing guitar and drinking a cocoa. Champa organised biodanza one evening, and the next evening we went to Kneipe.

Time passed quickly. Last afternoon we celebrated (dragon dreaming) and invited people to our place. The week was good. Spontaneous. The participants were satisfied, our space is more beautiful now, we had a good time, the food was good, the weather was beautiful and hot …


Some of the young people said, that they will come again next year or maybe already this year for Summer Camp. This is the best confirmation we could get.

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Evita Mici

»Na svetu si, da gledaš SONCE.

Na svetu si, da greš za SONCEM.

Na svetu si, da sam SI SONCE

in da s sveta odganjaš – SENCE.«
(Tone Pavček)

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