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Easter in Sieben Linden

Dear all! My name is Evita Mici and I come from Slovenia. This year, from 2nd March to 31st October I am an EVS (ESC) volunteer in the ecovillage Sieben Linden in Germany.

I want to share some of my writing also in English. My translation is far from perfect, but it is better than Google translate. =) 

I spent this Easter in Sieben Linden. It was interesting, different and pleasant. Friday before Easter is already a holiday here: Karfreitag. In Slovenia this is not a holiday and it is a sad day, we are remembering Jesus’ crucifixion, it is a day of fasting for Catholic and so on …

Here everything is very different. Every year, on Karfreitag, they have an open space meeting. Each house, family or individual can offer whatever he/she wants and invite the people to visit. The invitations are pinned to the board with a map of the village. I really liked that. The open space starts after lunch and can last until late evening.

I chose the divination from the Hawaiian tarot cards in the small house called Villa Comunia and the art-harp-tea gathering with Tatjana and Lisa in the Südhaus. It is wonderful to see the houses from the inside, I am charmed by all this wood, clay walls, interesting furniture and creative solutions for many small things …

About divination – I asked for the time when I come back to Slovenia. Love and job. Good cards. I will say no more, but I have a big smile on my face right now. =))

The art-harp-tea gathering was very pleasant. The table in the living room was full of different homemade pastries, hazelnut biscuits and English breads that you fill with marmalade and some kind of tasty cream. Mmmm. And then another table … The big dining table was full of color pencils, watercolour paints, art books and creative materials. Perfect for me. Good and warm atmosphere, nice people … I’m still not good enough in German so I can not really follow the chat, but I had a great time. I dyed a colored postcard – mysterious garden collection. I was afraid, that I wouldnot be able to finish the coloring, but Tatjana had enough time. “Until I go to bed, you can be here,” she said with a smile. Very hospitable host. As if all the guests were her family. And Lisa with the harp and the songs, that will always remind me of Sieben Linden. Gentle and unique sound.

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Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Easter Sunday is a holiday, when (almost) all villagers gather at the big brunch (breakfast + lunch) in Sonneneck. This is a meal and socializing, starting at half past eleven and lasting at least up to one. Before this, children are searching for  Easter eggs that are hidden in nature. (I did not see this, because I was preparing the tables and decoration in Sonneneck).

But I did see how the room was filling up with people and how the tables were more and more full of delicious dishes. Three long tables full of sweet and salty dishes. Some had been preparedin the kitchen and the others were brought by the villagers. All vegetarian or vegan, colorful, diverse, tasty, good and different …

More than 100 people came. Sieben Linden is a big community. There are also many children, teenagers and young people. Before we started the feast, we made a big circle. A moment of silence, thanking for the food, a short speech and then some wonderful songs of peace, accompanied on guitar. It was beautiful. Thanks to all.

Have a nice spring!


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Evita Mici

»Na svetu si, da gledaš SONCE.

Na svetu si, da greš za SONCEM.

Na svetu si, da sam SI SONCE

in da s sveta odganjaš – SENCE.«
(Tone Pavček)

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